1. The Taj Lands End at Bandra, is slowly creeping up on us to becoming a favourite. The Buzz, the Bollywood, the Food and all its nuances make for a memorable visit each time.

This Wednesday we were invited to try out the satiating Gourmet Burgers and Hops menu.

Did someone say Beer! img_20161130_205706

From the array of sampler beers I liked the Hoegaarden and Devil’s Dark.

Hoegaarden is a village in Belgium. The monks settled in this area and began brewing Belgian white (or wit) ales. By the end of the 19thCentury, the village had more than 35 breweries, although it was inhabited by only 2,000 people. And now Hoegaarden Witbier is renowned in Belgium and all over the world.

And served with a slice of Orange….. img_20161130_2056442

None can compete with the unbeatable combination of a juicy burger accompanying that chilled glass of perfect brew.

What we were happy to see is that the burger menu was kept simple and satisfying true to the reason of it origin.

The Firehouse’s Chicken Crisper :  is a succulent piece of crisply fried chicken  bursting out between the soft  Onion Burger buns, with just a little bit of Chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeños and yellow cheddar. This was served with the fresh house salad of lettuce, arugula, tomatoes and olives. img_20161130_214135

Gourmet Truffle Burger : Was had by Sheila Makhijani the artist,  and she loved it so that the entire tray was polished off in no time. This is a mushroom patty ensconced with mushrooms, truffle pate and oil between Brioche Burger Buns. img_20161130_2135392

The Farmer John : Soumya, the intern enjoyed the avocado that was layered with the vegetable patty, refried beans and tomato salsa.  The buns here were my favorite Sourdough. img_20161130_213529

Rajveer looking as pretty as ever stuck to her comforting soup and salad.

We weren’t done as yet. We decided to settle on The New York Style Cheesecake. While I loved it and kept putting delicate spoonfuls into my mouth the others were busy analysing and dissecting this perfect dessert. img_20161130_223314

The Atrium Lounge at Taj Lands End is always inviting and this time you get devour ‘Gourmet Burgers and Hops’ – a menu packed with zests from across the globe. 

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